Braybrooke Community Nature and Fishing Club
Terms & Conditions

1.     Bye Laws


1.1.         These Bye-laws are issued in accordance with the constitution and must be obeyed.

1.2.         Membership for all Members will be from 1st April to 31st March in the year following.

1.3.         All members wishing to fish must be in possession of a current Environment Agency Rod Licence.


2.     General Behaviour


2.1.         All Members will at all times when fishing, or visiting Braybrooke Recreation Ground will behave in a manner that will not give offence to Riparian owners, other members, or the General Public.

2.2.         You may only fish halfway across from the swim.

2.3.         The Executive Committee strongly recommend that members follow the Countryside Code and the National Water Sports Code.

2.4.         In addition to the club’s Bye-Laws they will comply with and Bye-Laws imposed on the club.

2.5.         Swims designated as disabled are given priority for disabled members. Members using one of these swims must vacate if requested to by a disabled member who wishes to fish the swim if no other designated swims are available.

2.6.         Members are not permitted to swim or bath in Jeans Pond.

2.7.         All alcohol and illegal drugs are banned.

2.8.         No firearms allowed (including air weapons).


3.     Seasons


3.1.         Jeans Pond Angling Season is from the 1st June to the 30th April inclusive. The Cut’s Angling Season is from 16th June to 14th March inclusive. At both venues angling will be permitted times from the sunrise to sunset. Any dispute will be settled by the times as shown on the Greenwich Meantime website (

3.2.         During the close season angling will be prohibited other than committee approved events at Jeans’ Pond. Nature activities can continue as normal.

3.3.         Members will be informed if the season is modified.


4.     Bankside Rules


4.1.         All members will at all times when fishing Jeans Pond be in possession of a current Membership permit in a complete condition and a valid Environment Agency Rod Licence. They will show said permit or licence to any other member, Bailiff or Officer of the Society, and or any Riparian Owner or his agent/ representative upon request.

4.2.         Members may fish with a maximum of two rods at any one time providing that by doing so they do not occupy more than one swim and in no way inconvenience a fellow member. Families fishing together may only fish with one rod each.

4.3.         Hooks used must be single only and barbless. Any member found using barbed hooks will have their membership revoked without compensation.

4.4.         Two hook systems are not permitted unless fitted to artificial lures, such as plugs and spinners. These hooks must be barbless.

4.5.         All Members must be in possession of an unhooking mat of sufficient size and thickness so as to prevent fish from being damaged. Fish are not to be placed directly on the bank, under any circumstances.

4.6.         No wet equipment to be brought to Jeans Pond. Unhooking mats, weigh slings landing nets and keep nets must be dry on entering the venue.

4.7.         No bent hooks and no long shanked curved hooks.

4.8.         No permanently fixed lead larger than 1oz. (28 gram)

4.9.         If using Bite Alarms these will in no way obstruct the bank area and will not present a hazard to other anglers or members of the public.

4.10.      Any bait bans that are imposed will be obeyed.

4.11.      All bread, live fish baits, dead fish baits, seed, pulses, legumes and nuts with the exception of hemp, sweet corn, cooked maize, bread punch and bread flake, or paste will be prohibited as hook and ground bait.

4.12.      No boats are allowed including radio controlled bait boats unless authoised for committee approved maintenance.

4.13.      All dogs will at all times be kept on a lead (as prescribed by the current Dog Control Order) and are not allowed to interfere with other Members sport, or the general public. Members who walk their dogs round venues must be in possession of a pet waste bag in case their dog fouls and a failure to do so will result in them being asked to leave by a bailiff.

4.14.      Members will not leave litter or discard hooks, nylon or other line, or shot. Members will be responsible for the tidiness/cleanliness of any peg/swim they may be fishing.

4.15.      All Members must have immediate access to a landing net whilst fishing. There must be at least one landing net per swim.

4.16.      Keep nets -  Keep nets must have no knotted meshes or meshes of metallic material, have holes smaller than 25mm, be more than 2 metres long and have supporting rings or frames less than 40cm apart and more than 120cm in circumference. Officially appointed bailiffs and officers of the club have the authority to inspect keep nets and prohibit the use of any they consider unsuitable. They can also order that the fish are released if they consider their welfare is being compromised. Silver fish must be kept in a separate keep net from larger fish, such as tench or carp and for a maximum of 5 hours. Pike must not placed in a keep net and should be released immediately. During warm weather keep nets may be temporally banned. A maximum of two keep nets can be used by each angler.

4.17.      Fish must not be kept in a keep net longer than 5 hours. Carp must not be kept in a keep net during pleasure fishing but can be kept during an official club match.

4.18.      Members will not use a gaff of any sort to assist in the taking of any fish on Jeans Pond.

4.19.      Umbrellas and Stormsides may be used, bivouacs are not permitted. An umbrella is regarded as a round or oval shape with a collapsible internal frame.

4.20.      Members are prohibited from lighting fires or using BBQs without the express permission of both the committee and Bracknell Town Council.

4.21.      Members must not cause damage to bankside vegetation and trees.

4.22.      Irrespective of the length of stay, no member may leave tackle in the water unattended.

4.23.      Night fishing will only be permitted a maximum of four times per season and only for official organised club events. The rules for each event will be clearly laid out.

4.24.      At all times, members should park in such a manner as not to cause obstruction, or inconvenience, to Riparian Owners, the General Public or other Members.

4.25.      Competitions run by the club, either at Jeans Pond or other waters will be in accordance with the rules published for that particular match. Waters are closed prior to matches, check details in the Match List.

4.26.      All gate keys and Handbooks either issued or replaced remain the property of the club.

4.27.      Wading is prohibited.




 5.1      Any member undertaking predator fishing on club waters must observe the following

       rules in addition to the standard club rules.

 5.2      NO live or dead fish to be used as bait.  NO Gaffs or Pike Gags to be used.

 5.3     When specifically targeting Pike, larger soft plastic/rubber lures may encompass no

            more than two treble hooks which must [a] be barbless and [b] must be mounted on a

 wire trace of a minimum breaking strain of 16 lbs and a minimum length of 24 inches  [60cms] from swivel to rear treble. The main fishing line [From reel to trace] must be a minimum of 12lbs breaking strain.

 5.4     Single hook rigs targeting Pike are subject to the same rules ie barbless and on a

             wire trace.

 5.5     The following equipment must be available for use:-  A landing net of 36 inch [minimum],

         an unhooking mat of 36 inches minimum, Forceps or Pliers [minimum length of 12 inches] and

         long-handled side-cutters [To be used to cut the hook in the event of a deep-hooked fish]. 

 5.6     Any handling, weighing or photographing of fish must be carried out close to the ground

                  [no standing] with the unhooking mat in place.  

5.7    When targeting Perch or just general lure fishing for the smaller species using drop shot

                  or casting jigs, shads, crankbaits etc., all hooks and jig-heads must be barbless.  

    5.8     Please treat all fish caught with the greatest respect and handle correctly. Pike,

                  despite their reputation, are quite fragile when handled and should be returned to the

                  water as quickly as possible but ensure they are fully recovered before returning them.



6.     Movement of Fish


6.1.         The movement of all fish, whether dead or alive, is strictly prohibited for any reason whatsoever other than by or authorised by Fishery Management personnel.